Single Grain

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Quick Grain Guide*
Whole Grain Flour can give you that extra amount of Minerals and Vitamins that you always wanted!
Gluten-free Protein Rich*
Fiber Rich*
Iron Rich*
Calcium Rich*
Bajra Soybean Barley Soybean Ragi
Kala Channa Lentils Kala Channa Lentils Soybean
Ragi Kala Channa Lentils Barley
Jowar Oats Oats Oats
Quinoa Quinoa Wheat Quinoa
Kuttu Wheat Kuttu Kala Channa
Maize Kuttu Soybean
Soybean Barley Bajra
Lentils Jowar Maize

– Greater than 45% of Daily Recommended Value in 100 g of whole grains*

– Greater than 22% of Daily Recommended Values in 100g of whole grains*

* As per USDA National Nutrient Database, valid for whole grains only, please consult a medical practitioner before making any dietry modifications

* Protien, Fibre, Iron and Calcium richness is listed in decreasing order from top to bottom!