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Our Story

Our endeavor is to champion the personalised food movement across the globe. We feel that people should have full knowledge and control over the food that hits their plates. They should not only know what are the food ingredients but should also know where do they come from, how do they affect their health and the various processing methods the food has gone through. Moreover, they should have full control over what ingredients they want to eat and what processing methods the food should undergo for everyone has the right to eat the best, the healthiest and the most fresh food.

With this vision we are launching the first personalised flour brand of the country. It has been an Indian tradition to select and buy the best quality grains and grind them at home to make fresh flour for their families. Many people also got them ground from local chakkies (stone-grinding mills in India) or directly bought them from the chakkies (stone-grinding mills in India)if they liked the grains which the mill was using. However due to the hectic schedules of the modern times people began shifting to packaged flour available in the department stores. Forget about knowledge of the grains used, it was not even fresh and everyone has an apprehension for it being the less healthy roller mill product. Eating substandard food for the sake of convenience and that too in today’s age of technological advancement is simply not acceptable.

So we created My Flour Bag, with the mission to give everyone the power to choose the grains they like, get the flour chakki-ground (stone-ground) and have it delivered fresh at your door-step. There are 30 different types of natural grains available and the options are unlimited for multi-grain flour. We are sure that Make My Flour will not only bring together our old healthy tradition of choosing grains and grinding them but will also empower people to get personalised flour for everyone has the right to decide the food they want to eat and how it should be made.

We would soon venture into personalised breads, cookies, snacks, cakes etc. for we feel that one should only eat what is uniquely made for them.

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