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4 simple steps to make your bag…..

Premium Quality Grains

Every grain on our platform has been chosen with extreme care and due diligence. This is to ensure that the flour made from it is of supreme taste and maximum health benefits for that grain variant. Our health partner, Brown Food and our experts with over 60 years of experience in the flour industry make sure to bring you the very best.

100 % Chakki-Ground (Stone-Ground) Flour

People all over the world are shifting back to minimally processed foods. We strongly believe that the food served on your table has been treated naturally, in such a way that enhances its health benefits and not the one which strips it down of its nutrients. Hence we only Stone-grind (chakki-grind) the flour where the whole kernel – endosperm, germ and bran, is ground together to bring together all the nutrients the natural grain has to offer.

Made Fresh only on Order

The fresher you eat the flour the healthier it is. Why should anyone eat flour that had been packaged weeks or even months ago when technology today has enabled us to eat everything fresh. Hence, we make flour only and only on order and dispatch it for your home immediately. We want you to get the most fresh food made especially for you.

Know Your Grains

Did you know?

Whole Grain Flour can give you that extra amount of Minerals and Vitamins that you always wanted!

Quick Grain Guide*
Gluten-free Protein Rich*
(decreasing order)
Fiber Rich*
(decreasing order)
Iron Rich*
(decreasing order)
Calcium Rich*
(decreasing order)
Bajra Soybean Barley Soybean Ragi
Kala Channa Lentils Kala Channa Lentils Soybean
Ragi Kala Channa Lentils Barley
Jowar Oats Oats Oats
Quinoa Quinoa Wheat Quinoa
Kuttu Wheat Kuttu Kala Channa
Maize Kuttu Soybean
Soybean Barley Bajra
Lentils Jowar Maize

– Greater than 45% of Daily Recommended Value in 100 g of whole grains*

– Greater than 22% of Daily Recommended Values in 100g of whole grains*

* As per USDA National Nutrient Database, valid for whole grains only, please consult a medical practitioner before making any dietry modifications

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